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Evolit: Week 8--Making the Transition

Paul and I are glad you're here, to share thoughts about the story of evolution and the evolution of stories. This isn't a place for polished writing or final words. It's a place for thoughts in progress: questions, ideas you had before, in or after class, things you've heard or read or seen that you think others might find interesting. Think of it as a public conversation, a place to put things from your mind or brain that others might find useful and to find things from others (in our class and elsewhere) that you might find useful. And a place we can always go back to to see what we were thinking before and how our class conversations have affected that. We are looking forward to seeing where we go, and hoping you are too.

As always, you're free to write about whatever you're thinking about this week. We're now making the transition from "the story of evolution" to "the evolution of stories." How are you managing? Getting the bends? What struck, or engaged, or puzzled you, in Feyerabend's "Against Method"? In Sontag's "Against Interpretation"? In the relation between them? Or in the relation between their claims, and the ideas we've been exploring together here? In what ways do each of these clusters of ideas rub up against one another? Or fail to?


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