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Cultural Evolution

I think that in actuallity that the evolution of culture is neither a piano key nor a sky hook but something in between the two. There are certain aspects that are probably results of something formulaic and set, but there is also a great deal of culture that seems to be random and not fixated to any particular idea or plan. There are so many different types of culture all around the world that it is hard to believe that any one set of things would have been used in the same amounts to create them. It is a sort of difficult idea to define completely though because I think that is difficult to say what exactly goes into the creation and evolution of any one culture. They seem to be a singular explanation that fits all of them. But I have not studied culture in any kind of extensive way so I guess it would be hard to use my opinions as any sort of fact.

I think that evolution as a general idea can't really be defined as just a biological concept or just a historical one. I think that is both mixed into together. I think that the history of evolution effects how the biological processes have grown and changed  and vice versa. They are intertwined together and help each other to create the best in nature. But honestly I think that most things are connected together in some way, whether it being natural processes or different subjects. Everything just exsists on an expanding web of knowledge that forms new bonds to each other all the time.


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