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Free will...

I really enjoyed our last class discussion.  We asked ourselves if we really had free will in our everyday life.  Do we make choices because we have no other choice or because we decide we want to make this choice?  Maybe we have free will at our birth because this is when we can still have a choice to make our first move, but then, what about the rest of our life?  Are all of our choices based on our past actions?  Are we piano keys with someone or something pushing us to do something and to make a certain choice?  Before this class I felt like I had free will but after hearing different arguments, I realized that maybe I am making the decision to go to college because my parents want me to, because it will be better for my future life, so technically, because I feel obliged to go and not because I chose to go there of my own free will!  This is very confusing to me because I still have the impression that it was my decision to go to college, but it is true that my parents might have been a bit behind me, pushing me as if I was a piano key.  Oh I don’t know!  What do you think?  Do we have free will?


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