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Human Diorama

Thursday’s small discussion group was all over the map in terms of discussing Dennett’s ideas. Two seconds before we dispersed, Professor Grobstein asked if a skyhook could be suspended without a suspender (God, an intelligent designer, etc.). I said yes, and then he said you have until Tuesday to prove it. Well, I can’t prove it but I do have a theory.


My theory is that Darwin and Dennett among others are and were incredible forward thinkers and were purposefully inserted into ‘our’ world, the earth, in order to assist in an enormous scientific experiment. We are nothing more than a diorama suspended by some unknown or alien world. These unknown beings are trying to figure out their evolutionary process but unlike us have the ability to configure a diorama of miniature real and unreal things and organisms to be able to watch and perhaps manipulate their evolutionary process and determine first-hand how they themselves have evolved. We are all actors in a gigantic scientific experiment.


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