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When we further discussed

When we further discussed the quote by Nietzsche that Tara mentioned, I became very intrigued. In the scientific field, researchers and scientists are trying to find answers to the many mysteries that the world presents us with.  There is a need to find the closest answer to the truth as possible, however this truth is constantly changing due to different developments and advances the scientific community.  So when is there an end? When can we find an ultimate truth?  When do we think we have researched enough?

In my Biology and Public Policy class, we were disucssing how there are drugs that are made for a specific group of people with a very specific condition which can be a great advantage to this group, yet put other groups at a disadvangate because of unequal federal funding or research.  However, this is one possible solution to finding an ultimate truth.  If certain researchers focus all of their attention on one particular problem in one area for the entirity of their research, could a possible Truth be found?


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