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ishin's picture

I'm having a hard time telling you why I chose to use this as my avatar.  It wasn't a verbalized choice, but more an impulsive one.  The kind of choice you make that feels good for good reasons and doesn't come back to bite you in the butt.  This image may have to do with what I imagine silence to look like (see web event 1), but I do think that it also has to do with a certain amount of peaked interest one gets from the anonymity of the person in the cap.  It definitely reveals my aesthetic choices and what I find attractive.  I also just think it's a good picture.

Like most forms of self-expression, this avatar is one that I hope people to draw they're own conclusions from.  One through which people can better understand me and as the semester goes on, perhaps get a better sense of why I made this choice.  I hope to do the same as well.

If someone really wants me to explain myself in class, I'll try.