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micro to macro

as my chemistry professor has indicated, it is the microscopic that helps to understand the macroscopic. as such, understanding the building blocks of the brain - nerves and how it functions, helps to understand how the brain works properly; which helps us know how to fix it when things go wrong. For example,  we know that pain is caused by an overstimulation of the nrve - action potentials pass through the nerve at high frequencies. o prevent pain, we need to learn to calm down nerves.  Insights into the neurochemical, electrical workings of nerves helps us to learn to control the brain better during times of malfunction. we know that a chemical imbalance can lead to depression, so we prescribe anti depressants such as SSRIs to control serotonin levels because depression can be due to a lack of it. the micro is very necessary for the proper macroscopic being to work. If the building blocks aren't put up right, the whole building can collapse.


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