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Conclusion to Last Week's Post

Last week I posted about injuries to the nervous spine and how that affects the nervous system and sets of boxes.  This week my question was answered in a way.  We spent a lot of time talking about how a split of the spinal cord affects the self---making someone present above the slice in the cord.  

We also talked a lot about the arrangement of the axons that come off the spinal cord.  It seems that although the nervous system is so complex, everything is arranged in a organized way.  Even the flow of activity through the neurons is in certain patterns that makes up someone behavior and movement.     

The thing I'm still unsure about was in class we spoke about babies being different at birth and then converging to become similar in society.  I think this is completely opposite.  I believe that babies are very similar at birth, because they have no yet had the influence of society.  I believe as individuals grow they diverge from one another, maybe not totally, but they diverge because of nurturing, society, morals, culture, and them just wanting to be different.  This can swing back to the I function, where your individual self will make decisions and your mind will see things as it wants to construct them.  


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