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Whenever I thought of the nervous system prior to this course I assumed that yes, it was a powerful and yes, it does control everything on my body but I never realized the set up was so practical. The fact that the parts of your body correspond to a certain section of the nervous system in an corresponding and relative manner never occurred to me. Nor did I pay much attention when I walked, talked, sat and stood about just how my body was accomplishing these requests. I though that my arm lifts because my muscle lifts in, not because a pattern of activity in my neurons caused it to. The fact that the nervous system controls so much was not a surprise, but it was overwhelming to have it all stated and pointed out. The issue of Christopher Reeve made me question the permanence of severing the cord between the brain and spinal cord. If it could be reattached or sewn back together isn't it safe to assume that a person could potentially walk again since both systems are still functioning, albeit separately?


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