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looking at the bigger boxes

We have talked about several things in our discussion: about boxes in boxes, about neurons as the smallest boxes, about their input and output, about the complexity of all these neurons and how they might be able to explain the differences between individuals and the differences between different species. Our NS seems to be very complex and if it is responsible for our behavior, or can explain our behavior I think that maybe we have to look at some of the bigger boxes first (if we want to be able to start anywhere). Because these bigger boxes might be able to give us some information of bigger processes working in the body, since one neuron (although very important) will not explain thinking or feeling etc as a whole.The other part of our discussion that is still on my mind is how can we change our behavior? Do we change our brains (can we find the reason for our differences solely in what’s in our head?) or can our environment help us change? And if it is a combination of both, how much is determined by our environment and how much is determined by our firing neurons? Or is this just a question of the chicken and the egg? Or of nature vs nurture?



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