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Some thoughts

To begin with, I am interested in our continuous conversation regarding the boxes that spontaneously generate outputs. It seems like these boxes still receive some sort of input, it's just not an input that comes from outside the nervous system. In other words the input to these boxes does not conform to our class definition of input as something that activates sensory neurons (which have dendrites outside NS). The sensory neurons accounts for physical sensations-touch, smell, taste, etc., but what about emotional sensations? How is it that people feel depressed? Does that require an input from outside the nervous system? How do we explain the connection between hormones-which are present in the brain-and our behavior? Another question I have is where dreams fit in to the box? Are sensations felt during dreams based on memories of past sensations? If so, then how come people can feel like they are flying, a sensation that they have never actually had? Are dreams an example of an output produced by a box with no inputs?

On a different note, I was thinking back to Thursday's discussion regarding the three different types of neurons and how the vast majority of neurons are inter-neurons. I was wondering if it would be possible to have an organism with only motor and sensory neurons? Would this be a "brainless" or "mindless" organism?  


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