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Born an Individual?

     After our talk on Tuesday I felt really great knowing that no one else had my brain. It made me think about this struggle for individuality that everyone has or certain people focus their entire lives on. I first that well since none of us have the same brain does that not already make us individual enough? but then I come to think that maybe the struggle for individuality is not so much about the contruction of the different parts of our brains but more so about the way we may share similar outputs to certain words, situations, etc. That led to the idea or myth of twins sharing thoughts or people sharing thoughts. What is that does that mean that certain parts of peoples brains can be similar? Or does that too also account for cultures and the environment in which they exist? Ultimately does anyone ever reach this state of "individuality" and what is it really if not mental?

     Also, looking at the idea of the bigest box and what seems to be the input for that I would have to agree that the outside world and everthing around it is an inout. Touch, taste, smell, things that we see, feel, etc. This makes sense because the closest way we could replicate taking out of the nervouse system from all types of input (like the leech experiment) is sensory deprivation. If you are removing all forms of sense then in a way you are ridding all external inputs right?


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