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Week Nine (Wed, 3/23): A Visit with Tian Hui Ng

notetakers for today: Marina and leamirella

this musical notation signals that
today we welcome Tian Hui Ng,
Haverford College's choral director

before he gets going, a few reminders:

* by 5 p.m. on Friday post on-line (as a comment on the sticky post up top) a description of the culture you will speak "for" during next week's panels:  a group whose lives or work circumstances shaped, or were impacted by, an interesting intra-action of science w/ one of our other three categories: gender, information, or technology. In your post, describe the group for whom you will speak: when did they flourish, where did they flourish, and in what context? Who was their constituency, or audience? Why do they matter? (We need it early so we can figure out --and let you know--on Friday night what questions you'll be addressing/collaboratively designing a skit in response to....)-- ex: m.aghazarian on Masters in Library and Information Science

* you have a second post due @ the usual time (=midnight!), reflecting on this week's conversations. We are not done w/ Barad; we need to spend some time on Monday processing what Liz helped us see (or not) about the usefulness of her work; so postings in response to that lecture (plus to what Tian's about to say!) are most welcome.

* We heard some good questions @ the end of Monday's class:
** why do we need to know the physics, to understand her argument? 
** isn't it just important for particle physicists, not for the rest of us?
** what other questions do you have??
** Liz: any other questions you want to put on the table??

* On Monday, we will "process" Barad and host one panel;
then on Wednesday we'll host two more panels.

Okay! Tian...! Take it away....!!!

Classnotes: Marina and leamirella