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Hi, I’m Ilja

I have lived in some very different environments and I like to seek new experiences with people from different cultures. I have experienced some very diverse people and ways of life. I speak English as a second language. I am more aware of the typical American habits than others since they are unfamiliar to me. In my old school we had a strong focus on questioning the knowledge that you gain in life and I hope that this class will force me to continue questioning my knowledge and beliefs.


Good an evil; what is our conscious? Where is it? Are there specific parts of our brain that make us act according to our moral code? Are some people more moral than others?

Free will; is there a difference between the human brain and the brain of other animals in terms of instincts? To what extent can we choose how to respond and act?

Evolution: to what extend is the human body capable of keeping up with the changes in society and the rapid development of human intelligence?


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