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Me, Myself, and I

My name is Kerlyne and I am a Sophmore at Bryn Mawr. I grew up in the great city of BOSTON, MA where I attended  Boston Latin School which sought to "ground me in a contemporary classical education in preparation for successful college study, responsible and engaged citizenship, and a rewarding life." They definitely wouldn't go for the "loopy science" way of life. This may have been a major reason for my choice of a Liberal Arts education!

Currently  I am Pre-Health and deciding whether to go with a major of Anthropology or Biology. This summer I interned at Blue Cross Blue Shield in their Behavioral Health department and was lucky enough to create a complete database of resources for their new Outcomes project which sought to seek out and accurately treat potential high risk cases before they could be hospitalized. They did this by using survey scores and graphing patterns generated by a computer. This was really interesting and of course designed to save the insurance company money. At times it felt like Big Brother. This is what led to my interest in continuing my exploration of the mind.

Questions/Issues of interest:

1.  Does music/media really have an affect on the mind?

2. What is the conscience and how does it work?

3. The concept of "brain dead"


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