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My name is Brielle.  My parents were driving about in New Jersey while my mother was seven months pregnant and passed a billboard to the beach city of Brielle, NJ -- and it stuck. 

I grew up in New Jersey but for the past 8 years I've lived in rural Ohio on a small horse farm.  I have experienced both the culturally diverse east and attended high school in an area where two people of color were all that showed diversity in the entire school. 

I work at Recreation Unlimited, an adventure camp in rural Ohio for people with disabilities.  My passions are developmental disorders, seizures, and traumatic brain injury.  I have worked with people, mostly children, with disabilities for seven years.  I like to think I have a unique outlook concerning the way people with disabilities perceive the world and how they feel that they are perceived because of the close interactions that I have had, including personal care, overcoming recreational challenges and growing socially.  I am always looking for opinions from other people to help increase my knowledge of this subject.

1. How does perception and the role of thinking warp/change after receiving significant trauma?  What physical changes in the brain cause behavior changes? 

 2. How do people labelled as mindblind, like those with autism, perceive the behaviors, emotions and ambitions of surrounding people?  Is this a behavior that can be learned over time or is there an inhibitor (like a chemical) preventing the learning? 

 3. What causes the response of choosing to isolate another person?  Is this a chemical balance that we are born with or a behavior that we have learned socially?


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