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Introducing Myself

Hi, my name is Collette Pullion, I'm from South Jersey and am a senior psychology major at Bryn Mawr. I also am a Pre-Medical student and am hoping to matriculate into Medical School next year. I am a collegiate soccer athlete and have been for all 4 years. In terms of what I can bring to the table for this class...I am a devout Roman Catholic and am continually trying to become more & more self-aware. Thus, I chose psychology as my major in order to better understand the mind, people, & the behavior associated with mankind. In addition, I constantly struggle with scientific faith versus my faith. This involves both faith in mankind & facts about science. Because I am a collegiate athlete I appreciate other people's points of view on topics and really try to absorb any beneficial characteristics or behaviors that others embody.

Three Questions:
1) Do our dreams have meaning?
2) Are conditions like fibromyalgia real?
3) How much of our genetics (the family we are born into) affect who we grow up to be?


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