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Yeast & Celluar Resp.

Just a comment about the yeast used. I used baker's yeast which claims to be Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

This yeast did nothing after 10 minutes, 20 minutes, after 30 min there was some action. This is not useful for a 90 minute period as there is no visible buildup of CO2 and 'measure the bubbles' means nothing if there aren't any, or they are not in the same area (after overnight they were distributed throughout the tube).

Just wondering what I did wrong? I used water heated to 38degC and the 0%,1%,5%,10% solutions. However nothing there something wrong with my yeast? Does it go off? Should I not be using baker's yeast?

As an addendum, I wanted to view the comments for this activity to see if someone had already answered this question but only this form came up, no prior comments area. Maybe it would be easier if I could just see the comments and then I might be able to work this out without posting!

Thanks for the lab, I think it's good but I couldn't get it working.....any advice?


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