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Biology Lab Experiement regarding Natural Selection

Can you explain in detail how the following experiment should be done:

In this experiment the deck of cards represents a school of fish. The number on the cards indicates the weight of each fish. These fish live happily together until a new predator (the teacher) is introduced to their school. This particular predator weighs 20 pounds. As most predators are, this fish is fairly cautious and will not eat any fish greater than or equal to 1/2 its body weight. Also, any of the small fish in the school (defined as being less than 1/4 the weights of the predator) are able to hide from the predatory fish.
Using this information, go through your school of fish (deck of cards) and remove all of the fish eaten by the predator.
1. Describe the composition of the final deck and explain the results based on NUMBER - % - POPULATION.

1. What are the 5 componet of natural selection?
2. Define the 3 types of natural selection demonstrated in the lab experiments.
3. What form of natural selectin did experiment 3 demonstrate? Explan

Thank you for your timely response.


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