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My name is David Richardson. I am a freshman at Haverford. I am deeply interested in art and art theory and hope to explore the creative parts of the human brain this semester. What drives us to create and where exactly does creation happen? Can it be reduced to hemispheres and loci? Can any of the human experience? I am interested in the immaterial part of the brain more than the material. Following my interest in creativity is my interest in savants. Do we all have savant-like capabilities, buried under language and culture or repressed in the Freudian subconscious? What if we could tap into these abilities? I also hope we explore music and it's effects on the brain. I have a small background in this area (i.e. a read one book on the topic in high school...) and I hope to expand my knowledge.


Ah, yes. I come from a big Catholic family from Boston. I've lived in the suburbs of the city all my life. I went to an all boys Catholic high school, so taking a class at Bryn Mawr borders on the bizarre. I think I'd like to be an English major, but, really, who knows what they want to be? Right?


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