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Character List (in order of first appearance)

Angelique: Junior Sociology major. Latina.

Katie: Undeclared First-Year. White.

Samantha: Junior Spanish Major. Black.

Rachel: Sophomore English Major. White.

Jonathon: Tenured History Professor. Black.

Mikayla: Sophomore Anthropology Major. Black.

Andrea: Junior Chemistry Major. White.

Sonya: Senior English Major. Asian American.

Eleanor: Dean of the Undergraduate College. White.

College Admissions Brochure; 2013-14

Mabell College is a small, all-women’s liberal arts institution of 2,000 undergraduates. The college was founded in 1870 to provide an elite academic experience for women at a time when women were denied advanced educational opportunities. Mabell continues to provide a top-quality education for women today. Embedded in our vibrant social life and rigorous academic work are the ideals of developing and supporting critical, passionate, socially active, and aware women. We value our diverse community and the strengths you bring to our school. We look forward to welcoming you!




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