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Hello, I'm Laura Kelly-Bowditch and a Junior History major/Archaeology minor at BMC.I was born and raised just outside of Boston, so my surroundings have tended towards the liberal my whole life. I love reading and hearing stories but don't possess the patience to create them myself. While I don't usually seek out science, in classes or otherwise, I do my best to stay open minded about it, given how useful technology and other innovations are.

I tend to approach things from a historical point of view, so  learning about the characters involved in Darwin's journey towards new ideas, as well as current events would be very interesting to hear more about.

I would also question how the evolution of a story as an author writes differs from the path biological evolution takes, ie) if an author would feel "survival of the fittest" was an apt description of the finished story.

Also, how do creationists reconcile their beliefs with current science? How, for that matter, do those who follow Darwin and continue to keep their faith reconcile their beliefs?



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