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Sociology of Sex and Gender

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I went into the first session of “The Sociology of Sex and Gender” skeptical that I would be able to learn anything new – and unsure of whether or not I even wanted to take the class.  I had never taken a course that was explicitly cross-listed with Gender and Sexuality Studies, but I still felt like I knew the basics.  I had been exposed to a lot of feminist and queer theory in other contexts, and I was also pretty well versed in criticisms that wanted to theorize using broader intersectionalities.  And while these were all topics that were rehashed over the course of taking the class, the projects I was able to do really helped to connect these theoretical ideas with the work I was doing in public health and HIV.  In fact, for my final paper, I was able to do fieldwork, together with two classmates, at ASIAC, the organization where I work.  I also had a lot of fun in the class.  Below is a presentation I did looking at women and work, by exploring old magazine articles.


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