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Yet Another Introduction

I'm Anisha Chirmule a junior Biology major and Dance minor at Bryn Mawr College.  I am pretty local to the Bryn Mawr area, attending high school at the end of the R5 (Paoli), but I have recently relocated to the greater Los Angeles area.  I have always been very interested in the field of Biology, specifically Developmental and Molecular Biology, and am anticipating on pursuing medical school in the near future.  In addition, I am also involved in the dance community at Bryn Mawr.  I have studied classical ballet for a number of years but have more recently become interested in hip hop and more contemporary forms of dance.  Before this class, I have not considered a parallel between dance (which as a form of expression and history is a way to tell stories) and biology.  The relationship between the two could uncover some interesting ideas!


Some questions:


1. Does studying the evolution of stories and storytelling give us significant insight into the past and perhapseven the future?

2.  Besides being studied in Biology cirriculum, does evolution still have an effect on new scientific developments today?

3. How does the evolution of stories relate to evolution in a biological context?


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