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Hi. I am a junior, biology major at Bryn Mawr. One aspect that probably separates me from other students is that I was born and raised on a tiny island in Micronesia (not many people from my island venture off to the east coast for college). I did attend high school in Hawaii, which is probably what allowed me to come here. I feel that because of the different culture I was brought up in, I may have different views on certain topics. Being a biology major, I obviously have a great interest for science and evolution. However, coming from a Catholic family and having lived in a community mostly of Catholics, I do have some understanding for those who believe in a higher power. 
The three questions I would like to talk about this semester are:
1) What is the story of evolution concerning different human ethnicities (and different cultures)?
2) How have animals evolved to be able to tell stories (ie. language)?
3) Does there always have to be a line between science and religion?


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