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Hello everybody, I’m a

Hello everybody, I’m a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College and I would like to be a math and biology major, this is why I am involved in this class.  Since my parents are both involved in a medical career, I consider myself more as a scientist than a literature person.  Indeed, I have always loved learning about sciences but unfortunately, I am very bad at writing essays, so this is why I do not like literature so much.  In order to finish my pre-med requirements I had to take another semester of English therefore, I chose this class since it deals with the evolution of biology.  I was thinking that by going to this class I would encounter Darwin’s theory about evolution and learn in detail his theories.  In fact, I have learnt in my French high school in Dijon (where they make the real mustard!) a little bit about Darwin’s theory on the evolution of species but I wanted to go further in details.  I was also wishing to discover the essence of science; where does it come from?  What could be a good definition of science?

Anyway, here are my three questions:

-          Is there a parallel between Darwin’s evolution and the religious explanation of humans on earth?

-          What is the evolution of stories going to be about?  The evolution of Myths and legends or only about the biological evolution of species?

-          How can we relate both the story of evolution with the evolution of stories? 


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