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The main change in my

The main change in my thinking over the course of the semester has been a recognition of the vastly different ways people use terms that I recognize as applying to very specific things. I am entirely convinced that research into the brain and its functions will be and is beneficial for our understanding of what mental health is because as I see it, mental health is expressed/exercised through the organ of the brain. It makes sense then to improve our understanding of the instrument in order to understand the music. 

I am less hopeful about our ability to improve our mental health care system because with so many diverse and contradictory opinions about the activity of health, and about the organ itself, it seems as though there is no one system that can encompass them all so that they work together constructively. No system can "include" everyone and every idea and still be a system. 

So, an individual learning more about the brain and the exercise of their own menatal functions in a healthy way will lead to that individual improving their own health/ getting their own ideas less wrong. Making that  process a global activity with so many different possibilities is a recipie for discord.  


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