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Mental illness as symptom rather than illness itself....

In My first post I emphasized the need to stress the fact that mental illness is a medical disease with biological causes similar to diabetes. I thought that finding the right medication (the right medication - not just blind prescriptions of drugs that seem to work or drugs that have worked for some in the past) could solve the mental illness crisis.

Since then, I think my thoughts on mental illness have become a lot less wrong. One of our interesting conversation that really shed light on mental illness was about how we should think about mental illness.

Rather than considering mental illness as an illness in and of itself, perhaps it is less wrong to think of mental health as an symptom of a larger problem. This paradigm shift could revolutionize the way in which our health system approaches mental health. Instead of just bandaging the mental illness symptom, we should put effort in solving the larger problem as well.

I think this is the most important lesson that I've learned this semester.


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