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another day

Thanks, Paul, Anne, and everyone for a compelling discussion yesterday.  It's playing on  in my head.

I thought to write to try to say back/clarify what I am taking from Paul's highlighting of depression as the problem of choice.  I appreciate this focus; it makes sense that it would be a primary consideration, though it is not often enough in understood as such (and instead characterized as one mental disturbance among many).

Paul, are you saying that in order for people not to get isolated in/by our thoughts (not to think they are the world, the only world we can or do live in), we have to in a sense release them to go where they will through the obscure (to us, because unconsious) channels of the frog brain by which we move and breathe and interact in/with/as the world?  So thinking has to be a process both clarifying and mysterious, active and receptive?


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