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"You told me it was a game!"

Well, I guess I'm a competetive person, because that was my first move.  BUt it's a game, right, so don't you want to win?  That's probably why I missed out on the real-life application of the prisoner's dilemma, because i took it as a game.  Eventually I switched from competing to cooperating and still won, but I was only able to win if I began by competing.  I'm not exactly sure what lesson that's supposed to be.  I agree with Elizabeth's complaint that Serendip's moves were not random and instead copied your last move.  Of course win-win situations (cooperating) are the best in life, assuming you don't look at it as a game.  If the prisoner's dilemma had random moves, then maybe the message that cooperation is better would get across more easily, if that is in fact the message.


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