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Feingold Gallery: Coming Out, A Cold Day in Hell

Feingold Gallery:
Coming Out, A Cold Day in Hell



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shane's picture


this image reminds me of great creativity in adversity and the decision to vanquish the opposition.

divi's picture

alienating oneself......

the words comming to my mind after seeing this are
fear...afraid to come out and share his views...probably alienating oneslf from everything and everyone out there....keeping things to himself and not comfortable to share with others..

idk's picture

I see someone who is confused

I see someone who is confused on which road to take in life...There is the right way, which in this case is the windows, which are to me of light and happiness knowing you will never be hurt and always do the right thing.., yet on the other hand there is some force also sayin stay on the darkside, and do what you want without regrettin it..

Anonymous's picture

Lost in nowhere land, maybe

Lost in nowhere land, maybe a daze. bumping into windows of oppertunity along the way but there's those skulls that make me seee set backs. The fact that these windows are closed tells me that opertunities were seen but not acted apon'.

Martin's picture

Reminds me of the twilight

Reminds me of the twilight zone... I didn't  pick up on the homosexual "coming out" idiom until reading other posts... is there another way to interpret that phrase?
ryan g's picture

Does this compare

Does this compare homosexuality to a mental illness?  This person will never come out.  Perhaps they're scared. 
mstokes's picture

Cold and disturbed

are the feelings evoked by the snow, skulls, and obscured windows--not an inviting environment to seek out or step into.  
akerle's picture

Acknowledgement does not

Acknowledgement does not make reality/the experience of this individual any more accessable or any less surreal.
kmanning's picture

Trying to break free

The pain associated with trying to break free from his own mind. The heat of hell alone is not enough to represent the pain, instead something so cold that it can freeze over hell is needed.
Sophie F's picture

Falling. A descent into a

Falling. A descent into a hostile environment. A conflict between more than one  self, a shell of one's self.
PS2007's picture

This seems angry to me, like

This seems angry to me, like the artist wanted people to be confronted with who they actually were.  It seems sort of like a challenge.
ysilverman's picture

Sometimes you leap from

Sometimes you leap from those windows into the abyss and ... there are just more windows, more abyss.
Riki's picture

Separated from possibility

Separated from possibility by a thin sheet of glass.
merry2e's picture

between "here" and "there".

between "here" and "there". numbness yet fear. cold glass shatterring and breaking the silence.


(Ok...i think i am ??)

Laura Cyckowski's picture

"Coming out" about a

"Coming out" about a "disability" or "mental illness" can be at once relieving yet create a whole new set of negative feelings.
Paul Grobstein's picture

coming out cold comment

A disjointed world. Acting bravely to make it more coherent?
Paul Grobstein's picture

Coming out comment

(posted for a friend)

My mind in its constant state.

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