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Prisoner's Dilemma

I feel I missed the point of the game. I played multiple times but out of having to, I never really got caught up in it. It was my natural instinct to cooperate at first, so for the majority of the first game I cooperated, I tied the computer, and it said that I could do better. When I competed for the whole time, I won, multiple times. Not that it ever really mattered. At the conclusion of the game I was just thinking "so I won, what now?". 

My own prisoner's dilemma (I'm sure I've had more but this is the easiest to remember) was in the 6th grade. A teacher of ours (he turned out to have severe psychological problems) accused me and a few girls from my homeroom of stealing his tax returns. He left varied "evidence" in two girls lockers. We had the choice of going our separate ways and leaving those two girls hanging out to dry, or to band together, and say we were all innocent, because we all happened to be together during the said incident. We stuck together, and we did well. Our principal realized that he was lying, and that he was a bit challenged. He was dismissed from the staff.  


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