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I agree

I wanted to comment on this particular blog because I also agreed. I just had an earlier conversation with a friend of mine, and we discussed what it means to be "normal". What does normal mean, and how far off from "normal" makes you "crazy"? Are there like degrees of craziness?! The concept of reality that Cayla discussed does change from person to person, in my opinion. I mean, come on, we have 10^12 neurons in our brains, and each of us has a this large collection of neurons connecting and firing in different ways (this is what makes us so special, yay!). With all of this, I think that this leaves some room for differences in what reality means to us. This leads me back to my original question: with different concepts of reality and different levels of psychosis among us, how can we ever define what is and what is not "normal" and should the concept of "normal" even exist? I suppose society, with all its taboos and morals, will decide that.

Jayme E. Hopkins, '08


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