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Brian Auras?

It's funny that you mention auras, because (for fun and laughs) I went to a psychic on south street this weekend and had her "read" my aura. It was fascinating the way it went down - she just looked at me and around my head and immediately started talking. She only spoke for a few minutes (and everything she said seemed mildly true, in a universal kind of way), and I wasn't really convinved that she knew what she was talking about, yet somehow wanted her to keep going. I really wanted to ask her if she was full of crap, or if she was real.

Is there ever going to be technology to analyze the brain of psychic people and see what chemical reactions are going on in there? Is it possible that they just see reality differently, and that doesn't give them "powers," per se, but just a different view of the world that they can exploit to make some fast cash? If examined, would her brain itself be fundamentally different from mine? What would her brain's "aura" be? 


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