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Today, I took field notes on a field placement orientation in a class. I’ve used pseudonyms throughout. The orientation took about 30mins.


  • While waiting for Bryn Mawr time the professor, Jessica, asked those of us who were there early to arrange the seats in a circle like we do for every class
  • About 2 minutes before the beginning of class the field placement coordinator, Melissa, walked in. She spoke quietly with Jessica for a bit
  • Then, Jessica introduced Melissa, after which proceeded to talk about field placements, where students are more likely to be placed, expectations and logistics
  • She then passed a paper to everyone with detailed field placement expectations and safety guidelines which she asked students to read at home
  • A student come in late, proceeds to find a seat towards the back of the classroom, Melissa continues explaining while Jessica gives the student a smile
  • Melissa begins introducing another topic but stops to ask if there are any questions. No one has questions.
  • Jessica uses the opportunity to note the important of communicating with her if something uncomfortable happens in the placement, but also encourages students to use the classroom/peers as an opportunity to discuss these issues. Gives an example.
  • Students all seem to be listening attentively,
  • Melissa passes around 2 other sheets of paper, one is a letter to the teacher and the other is a clearance form. Notes the importance of both. Asks who hasn’t gotten cleared yet. Many of the students raise their hands.
  • Melissa asks if there are any final questions
  • A student raises her hand and asks a question regarding background checks, Melissa answers.
  • Pause to see if there are any more questions
  • Jessica chimes in saying that although the orientation mostly covers basics and logistics she thinks that it’ll be a fun, cute, and inspiring experience. Melissa agrees
  • Another student asks a question which Melissa answers
  • Another pause
  • Jessica thanks Melissa for coming and so do the students.