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Still up in the air

I have been going back and forth in terms of narrowing down project ideas, and though I have not settle on any one idea, I know that I want to build a model that either (a) extends this idea of emerging synchrony in group of objects that exhibit chaotic behavior or (b) simulates the ripple effect in small world network chains.

I know that many models already exist in the NetLogo library in regards to both these notions (i.e. fireflies, spread of disease, etc.), so like Heather, it's going to take a bit more brainstorming on my part to come up with something original. On the flipside, there are a lot of emergent behaviors mentioned in Strogatz's Sync that are interesting and may make excellent models, if only I could figure out how to translate them into NetLogo. Out of that "small" list of examples I presented last Wednesday, maybe something will jump out at me.


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