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When we were talking about sleepwalking, we learned that the I-function is turned off. And it's off when you are really drunk. Also, apparently people are born without ...the neocortex? I didn't write down in my notes where consciousness lies in the brain so I don't really know. This made me think about zombies and frontal lobotomies. It's just really strange to think that there are people out there without an I-function. And no one would be able to tell just from talking to them. So what exactly does the I-function do for us if we are clearly capable of functioning without it? It allows us to feel things and perceive things. But it takes up so little of our thinking. If someone doesn't have an I-function, does that mean that they don't have thoughts about themselves and their relationships with other people? Does that mean they aren't really a person? Why is a "zombie" indistinguishable from a conscious person?


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