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"Come together right now over me"

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 Report on In-Class Presentation


When my group came together for our first meeting, I cannot say I was not worried. Having such a big group (Daisy, Roldine, Heather, Laryssa, Courtney, and myself) was daunting. As we were brainstorming, everyone had different ideas as to what to do and no one seemed to agree. I left that first meeting feeling defeated. The next day, when we had our second meeting, I was pleasantly surprised as to how well we all started to work together. Since, we all agreed we wanted to do an interactive activity and that we wanted to incorporate the social construction aspect of gender and sexuality, we were able to move on from there. As soon as one person had planted the seed of doing a continuation writing activity, we all started to expand on that initial idea, and soon enough our ideas blossomed into our final presentation.
For our presentation we decided to create various prompts containing elements of gender and sexuality. These prompts took the form of images, song lyrics, book and film quotes, definitions, and facts. With each prompt at the top of separate pieces of paper, everyone in the class was to get their own prompt and respond to it in anyway they wanted to for the duration of a minute. Once the minute was over, the participants were to fold over what they had just reacted to and pass it to the person on their left and so on. At the end of 15 minutes, we stopped the activity and told everyone to unfold their paper and read/look over it. We then had a few people present what was on their paper to the rest of the class.
The final paper that people ended up with had the unseen reactions of the people in front of them. As a final product, this was supposed to represent the socializing implications that go into the creation of what people view as gender and sexuality. I think our group managed to effectively show this social construction of gender and sexuality in an interesting way for all involved. We came a long way from our first meeting, and I am glad to say it all worked out.