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Observations to date are also consistent with the mind not being in the brain but needing a properly disposed material brain to express its powers.

The  brain and mind do seem to have both conscious and unconscious functions and many stories or internal experiences are derived from the unconsciously supplied material. Aristotle is famous for saying that there is nothing in the intellect(consciousness) that is not first in the senses (unconsciousness). But, that does not mean that the intellect and its powers are material it just means that in order to express those powers, properly disposed matter is required.

I think that the story contained in Grobstein’s summary above is going to be helpful in treating many mental health problems but Idon’t know if it is the “least wrong” one yet.

I agree that it is the job of the mental health professional to help the patient to examine their “story so far” that explains the relevant perceptions of reality that the patient has. And then take that examination and determine if a better or more Realistic story might work better for them.  To ignore conflicts between my perception of reality and the effects that my actions, (that were based on myperceptions) have on me would no doubt cause mental illness. So, to acknowledge the conflicts and seek to resolve them can help.

This business of creating meaning still confuses me. Does it mean we are trying to figure out a better way of convincing ourselves we should bother to keep living at all? Since we are skeptical of any religious notion of why we live do we need to create a meaning of life in order to keep going? Is that what is being suggested?


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