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beauty is based on some

beauty is based on some ancient biological imparative of mating with those who are healthy and fertile ( Female ) and those who can provide resources ( males ) (food , protection of young, faithfullness) spreading of good genes. But since our modern society provides these things there is a need to up the annie sort of speak, to artificially create a need to feel beautiful through artificial means and create false or exaggerated images of beauty. This provides a market to produce income for those advertizers and marketers of products.Society has a collective image from TV movies magazines. albeit distorted image of what is considered beautiful. example: straight teeth is an example now everyone can afford to have them,so now they have to be perfectly white in order for marketeers to make money. It is the same with breast now everyone is having breast implants. so there is less focus afterall everyone can have them. So now it is weight . and they have added males and younger children to the mix ,when only women worried about their looks and appearance. Globalization has provided more opportunity to spread their propaganda far and wide,that's why Chineese women are having their eyes westernized to fit this ideal beauty. the list goes on and on..........


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