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Sleep Survey

Sleep Survey

I surveyed a group of 15 college students (P1-P15) ranging from 17-19 years of age about their overall level of rest with the amount of importance they place on sleep. Students that placed a higer "value" on sleep than others tended to show that they would forgo other activities in order to get sleep. The Participants were asked to rate five statements on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being "I completely disagree" and 5 being "I completely agree".

Statement 1 (S1): I feel well rested most of the time.

Statement 2 (S2): Sleep is of high priority to me.

Statement 3 (S3): Tiredness does not interfere with my daily routine.

Statement 4 (S4): Compared to my other activities sleep is less important. 

Statement 5 (S5): I have to take frequent naps to keep up with my schedule.





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