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Exercise Increases Happiness and Satisfaction

 The subjects of this survey were random 15 students in my hall (Rhoads South 1st). This survey was to see how much exercise students were getting at college, considering the workload and extracurricular activities that they have to worry about. It was also to see how much of an impact students believed exercise had on their daily lives.

Question 1Question 1


Question 2Question 2


Question 3Question 3


Question 4Question 4 


Question 5Question 5 


The results showed that 7 out of 15 students have barely been getting any exercise every since they came to Bryn Mawr. Yet, 12 of those 15 students strongly believe that it is important for schools to require students to participate in a club sport or to take a physical education class every year. Students are well aware of the fact that exercise has a positive effect on their overall lifestyle (academic, mood and organization wise), and that it has been scientifically proved that exercise is a stimulus for happiness. From this survey, it is fair to conclude that not enough students have a healthy exercise habit, which is a problem, because many strongly believe that exercise can reduce stress, become more organized, and feel relieved.



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