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A Personal Definition

Providing a definition for health goes to show the tremendous confusion and doubt that has popped up in our current world. Pinpointing the factors that keep us free from injury and maintain our sense of wellbeing, should seem relatively easy, shouldn’t it? This is part of our class’ constant struggle, but our present state of mind reminded me of a link to my Philosophy class. Socrates advocates reason and fulfillment through the life-long process of attaining wisdom. However, he warns against becoming a misologist, or hater of reasoning. With the constant contradictions presented to us, it is amazingly easy to lose any knowledge we once had governing health to become a “misologist.” Each person must sort through the muck to develop his or her own, personal ideology concerning health.

I think that wellness revolves around the beneficial, whole-some aspects of your life. Most of all, it refers to being free from disease, but it also determines our physical and mental condition on a day-to-day basis. Taking care of yourself is also crucial for health. I maintain my well being through eating a balanced diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep. As of the moment, I also know that I don’t have a serious condition impacting the condition of my body. This could potentially be very different for another person, such as Doctor Hadler in “Achieving wellness, whatever that is.” Overall, with the standards I’ve presented, I consider myself to be a fairly healthy human being.


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