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Your Own Definition of Health

In my opinion, health is a very simple concept: do what feels right for the body. The human body is a product of evolution, and everything that occurs in your body is a direct result of some other factor. Some of these factors (genetic mutations or gene-based diseases) are out of your control and, yes, you could and should seek medical attention. But too often people look for easier ways to treat their problems that could be fixed with a change in diet or lifestyle. Or, perhaps, people will magnify problems that aren’t truly life threatening because of some unreliable or misconstrued third party information. In either case – pill popping can’t solve all of our problems. But living a lifestyle that is comfortable and healthy for you and your body can certainly help. This means: exercising when you feel you need to, drinking as much water as you must to satisfy your thirst. If you listen to your body and do as it asks, you will find your own definition of health.


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