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Did you mean health or health?

What is health? This answer depends on what type of health we are talking about. Physical health? Psychological health? etc. In my opinion health in general encompasses all of these, so in a way health is separate, but together. To some people physical health isn't as important as psychological health and for others the opposite is true. The question of health goes back to the broader question of "What makes us happy?" The answer to this question will differ according to the person who answers it. For me, for example, there is no point in having good physical health if psychologically a person is unhealthy. If one is depressed and has perfect physical health, then what can that person do with the health they have? Will they be willing to get up and run around? Go and kick a soccer ball for the pure joy of it? What I'm trying to get at is that even though we can define different types of health, we really can't define "health" because the definition depends on who the question is being asked to. 


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