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healthy body healthy mind

As mentioned in class, I believe that being healthy means feeling physically and mentally good to the extent of being functional. For example, I like to run and exercise because it makes me feel good. Physically, stretching my muscles, being outside, and sweating make my body feel better and mentally I feel happier and lighter. However, sometimes I find myself in an unhealthy mindset. If I am in a habit of exercising and I do not get to exercise one day I feel really gross and unhappy. However, I just have to step back from the situation and fix my mindset in order to feel good and get out of this unhealthy state of obsession. I just remind myself that it is good to have some off days and give my body  a rest and that I don't have to exercise every day to feel healthy. In this example, it takes having a good mindset to feel physically good. I may not or may not be having the best day ever, but if my body is not in great pain and my mind is in a good or even neutral place, I can feel good. And even if I may be anxious about one thing or another, as long as my thoughts are not being dominated by anxiety and I can function in every day life (class, conversations, practice, doing work, etc.), then I feel that I am healthy. Similarly, I think health is a personal thing. We can look to experts to give us advice, explain things we do not know much about, and help look out for big diseases and serious problems. But it is up to the individual to do what is best for him or her self in order to feel good and functional.


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