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Notes Towards Day 14 (Thurs, Oct. 25): Unlearning Sound Etiquette

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I. welcoming Christine Sun Kim and Kristin Lindgren's HC class, Portraits of Disability and Difference

II.  coursekeeping
reminder of opening @ Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, HC, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
tomorrow evening, including Christine’s performance/ installation

and of your third web event, due by Monday @ 5 p.m.

on Tuesday
(@ Jo's suggestion) we will meet @ the labyrinth,
and open class by walking it in silence
(hopefully we can stay there for class, but we'll see....)

We will have multiple topics to catch up by then...
Released: 5 Short Videos about Women and Prison;
Mark and Catharine's visit/performance of "Footfalls" on Tuesday;
all the reading/viewing today about sign language poetry;
Christine's visit today, the opening/installation tomorrow

I saw Hummingbird, Sarah and Dan's discussion about Tuesday's class ...
it would be helpful for me, in structuring next Tuesday's discussion, to hear any other responses/
afterthoughts/reflections on this week's visitations/readings....we'll start class by discussing them....

before moving our of the second section of the course, "cultures of silence"
and into the third, "engendering silence"; to start us off,
please also read two essays from Tillie Olsen's 1978 book, Silences...

but first! "unlearning sound etiquette"....!