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the g word

oh, oh god. god. flowers are pretty. like really pretty and amazingly intricate and elegant arrangements of matter. at the risk of getting assaulted, i'm going to say that i believe to a certain degree in intelligent design. i believe that there are certain non-physical energies in the world that enable things like creativity and community and morality and justice. if all we are is objects moving through space, ethics don't make any sense. there is no such thing as a good electron.

i play music. a lot of music, and i listen to even more. i really want to believe that there's more to music than just sound waves triggering neurological responses like the release of seratonin in my brain. i want to believe that there's a spiritual energy or tendency that our brains can tap into that shapes what we do. i don't want to believe that songs and paintings and poems originate in the random gray matter in our heads, but rather, i like the idea of there being a nonphysical creative energy that we channel when we formulate artistic expression. and if we can accept that such a force exists, then maybe, nature is a direct manifestation of this energy, which brings things not only toward order but beauty as well.


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