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I am all for the villainy!

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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 After today’s class I think I gained a sudden appreciation for organization and premade syllabuses while at the same time, I really enjoyed being on the syllaship.  I think for the next semester we should focus on three different mediums-a classic, a graphic novel, and a movie. It not only demonstrates progression of the genre overtime, but also appeases the different reading preferences in the class. I also like the idea on focusing on themes such as villainy (very cool idea!). For the classics part of the class we could read Othello which in my opinion has the best literary villain of all time.  We could then spend time discussing the unrealistic depictions of villains that are at times written by authors. For example, are all villains 100 percent evil and if that is the case why do the authors choose to create such a one dimensional character. For the graphic novel we could read Watchmen which would bring up an excellent discussion of villains and how one can recognize a villain. The creators of Watchmen left the position of villain open to interpretation. We could discuss how this affects the novel and whether it is a futuristic trend versus Shakespeare who blatantly points out the villain to the reader in almost all of his plays. For the movie section of the class we could watch Misery. It also has an obvious villain yet her actions come from good intentions. How does this affect the definition of a villain? Is a person still a villain if they do bad things from a good place? All of these choices in my opinion question and bend our current definitions of how we view villains through different mediums in the past and present.  Questioning how things work and will work in the future is what we have been doing in this class all along and so I do see the transition as being an easy one.

I am all for the villainy!




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Just wanted to say I LOVE the

Just wanted to say I LOVE the picture! (good twist of comedy and villainy ;])

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