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I also share Anne’s

I also share Anne’s passion for reading.  As the daughter of a librarian, the idea that our culture and society might be moving away from the novels, poetry, and the written word worries me.  That there won’t be a bookstore or library in every town.  Students and teachers could abandon the term book bag. 

Perhaps reading and writing will be relegated to an obscure area of the arts.  Removed from public practice and placed in the realm of hobby and luxury.  To be appreciated by the few experienced critics and participants as an antiquated tradition. 

There will be small reminders of the way things once were, like the hitching posts outside old, historic buildings.  A hundred years ago, horses were indispensible for physical labor and transportation, in addition to pleasure.  Today horses and the equestrian arts occupy a more minor role in our culture and society.  Yet you can still find a lot of people at my trainer’s farm on a Saturday morning.  


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